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Assign item-level permissions to users and user groups for all items in a SharePoint list; Manually configure custom permission settings on a per-list or per-item basis; Remove all custom permission settings within a specific list and restore defaults for specified users or user-groups in bulk; Determine the users and user groups that will be assigned custom permission settings according to conditions specified by the SharePoint administrator. SharePoint Item Permission Batch has greatly leveraged SharePoint out-of-the-box capabilities in terms of permission management by offering administrator a convenient place to add or remove custom permission settings for all the items within a SharePoint list simultaneously. In additions, IT administrators are empowered to restore the default permission settings for all the items within a list at one time, which will further alleviate their workload and accelerate the speed of an organization's daily operation as well. Moreover, SharePoint Item Permission Batch enables administrators to specify certain users and user groups that will be assigned custom permissions by setting complex conditions based on administrators' various consideration. User/Group Selection Process The User/Group selection process has been modified and improved compared to the previous version. One distinctive difference is that administrators are now able to specify in far more detail which users to include. Item Permission Batch now allows for specific selection of users and groups by Selecting all users/groups or a filter them by.

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